libspectre/spectre-page.c File Reference

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "spectre-page.h"
#include "spectre-device.h"
#include "spectre-private.h"
#include "spectre-utils.h"

Data Structures

struct  SpectrePage


SpectrePage_spectre_page_new (unsigned int page_index, struct document *doc)
void spectre_page_free (SpectrePage *page)
SpectreStatus spectre_page_status (SpectrePage *page)
unsigned int spectre_page_get_index (SpectrePage *page)
const char * spectre_page_get_label (SpectrePage *page)
SpectreOrientation spectre_page_get_orientation (SpectrePage *page)
void spectre_page_get_size (SpectrePage *page, int *width, int *height)
void spectre_page_render (SpectrePage *page, SpectreRenderContext *rc, unsigned char **page_data, int *row_length)
void spectre_page_render_slice (SpectrePage *page, SpectreRenderContext *rc, int x, int y, int width, int height, unsigned char **page_data, int *row_length)

Function Documentation

SpectrePage* _spectre_page_new ( unsigned int  page_index,
struct document *  doc 

void spectre_page_free ( SpectrePage page  ) 

Frees the memory of the given page

page The page whose memory will be freed

unsigned int spectre_page_get_index ( SpectrePage page  ) 

Returns the index of the page inside the document. First page has index 0

page The page whose index will be returned

const char* spectre_page_get_label ( SpectrePage page  ) 

Returns the label of the page inside the document.

page The page whose label will be returned

SpectreOrientation spectre_page_get_orientation ( SpectrePage page  ) 

Returns the orientation of the page

page The page whose orientation will be returned

void spectre_page_get_size ( SpectrePage page,
int *  width,
int *  height 

Returns the size of the page. It always returns the page size according to the page bounding box without taking into account the page orientation.

page The page whose size will be returned
width The page width will be returned here, or NULL
height The page height will be returned here, or NULL
See also:

void spectre_page_render ( SpectrePage page,
SpectreRenderContext rc,
unsigned char **  page_data,
int *  row_length 

Renders the page to RGB32 format. This function can fail

page The page to renderer
rc The rendering context specifying how the page has to be rendered
page_data A pointer that will point to the image data if the call succeeds
row_length The length of an image row will be returned here. It can happen that row_length is different than width * 4
See also:

void spectre_page_render_slice ( SpectrePage page,
SpectreRenderContext rc,
int  x,
int  y,
int  width,
int  height,
unsigned char **  page_data,
int *  row_length 

SpectreStatus spectre_page_status ( SpectrePage page  ) 

Returns the status of the given page

page The page whose status will be returned

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